Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis[pdf]

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    Word Power Made Easy is a very useful book from Norman Lewis and will boost your English Language skills to a higher level. The book is written in a very action-oriented manner and is certain to appease you thirst for the language.
    Is language just a mere sound? Or does it have a much wider perspective? It is language which makes a wide range of communication within individuals possible. Though all of us have our mother tongue, English is a universal language and is a common medium to express our thoughts and views to people. Having a strong hold over the English language also means having the command to express your views without any linguistic barriers.
    General Reception
    This book has been a hit with the masses since its release in the year 1991. It's widely popular with students and professionals due to its comprehensive collection of words and their usages.
    About the Author
    Norman Lewis' Word Power
     made Easy caters to all sections of people. This is especially a great book for students who are preparing for competitive exams like CAT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL and others. It doesn't just have vocabulary in it; but also ample number of usages of those words and exercises too. Lewis explains the concept of etymology and how to figure out synonyms and antonyms. The book explains the root of all the words and also tells you how to break them down and figure out its antonym or synonym.
    Ideally, you should read only two sessions per day as all of them are very action oriented. There is a trivia section in each session, which assesses how much you have grasped from it and gives you a comprehensive result too.
    Table Of Contents
    1. How to test your present vocabulary
    2. How to staxt building your vocabulary
    3. How to talk about personality types
    4. How to talk about doctors
    5. How to talk about various practitioners
    6. How to talk about science and scientists
    7. How to talk about liars and lying
    8. How to check your progress: Comprehensive Test
    9. How to talk about actions
    10. How to talk about various speech habits
    11. How to insult your enemies
    12. How to flatter your friends
    13. How to check your progress: Comprehensive Test
    14. How to talk about common phenomenon and occurrences
    15. How to talk about what goes
    16. How to talk about a variety of personal characteristics
    17. How to check your progress: Comprehensive Test
    18. How to check your standing as an amateur etymologist
    19. How to keep building your vocabulary
    Appendix: Some Esoteric Phobias
    20. Pronunciation Key
    21. Latest Word List
    22. Other titles of Interest
    Brief Intermissions
    1. Test your grammer
    2. Random notes on modern Usage
    3. How gramme? changes
    4. How to avoid being a purist
    5. How to speak naturally
    6. Do you always use the proper word?
    7. Some isteresting derivations
    8. How to spell a word
    9. Take this spelling test
    1O. Another check on your spelling

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